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Expert Driving Lessons In West London And Surrounding Areas

At Orphee's Driving School, we offer a comprehensive range of driving lessons in and around West London to cater to different needs and skill levels. Our advanced driving instructors can help you with refresher, defensive, and motorway driving, along with nervous driver lessons. We also offer residential driving and Pass Plus courses. Whether you are a beginner starting from scratch or someone looking to refresh your driving skills, we have you covered. We also welcome groups. Our service areas include Victoria, Chelsea, and Kensington. If you want to learn quickly, our intensive driving course is for you.

Get Back On The Road With Refresher Lessons

Learned to drive but want a refresher? Or want to transition smoothly from driving in another country to obtaining a UK licence? Our refresher lessons are designed to help you. Normal lesson rate: £40 per hour.

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Prepare For Your Driving Test With Our Mock Driving Exams

We offer mock driving tests to familiarise you with the test format and gain valuable experience to prepare you for the real thing.

Find Practical Test Availability With Us

We can assist you in finding practical test availability, ensuring that you can book your test at a convenient time and at a suitable location.

A picture of a man clicking a selfie with a man showing his driving test pass certificate

View Our Testimonials

“Orphee has been a splendid instructor. He remains calm and composed, which reflects how I now approach being behind the wheel. Allowing for a substantial amount of time for me to gain practical driving experience rather than talking theory has made me a very comfortable driver in a very short span of time. I had requested to be of full licence standard by May from January and he has done so with relative ease, having just passed on my first attempt. I would highly recommend Orphee's tutelage for anyone looking to learn how to drive not only efficiently, but safely and competently. Overall it has been a wonderful experience and his quips never cease to amuse me.”

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